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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday's trial

We finally have it down to a science and we were done with 2 trial cattle sheep and ducks by 1pm today.  Lunch was turkey and I have never had one so juicy and good.  Kathy has some kind of new age machine she cooked it in and it was great!!!!

 Not sure how I changed this to italics but don't know how to change it back.  I had to get on both dogs today because they were kinda being idiots but once I got mad at them, they got better. 

cattle 108,no 2nd cattle run because he was eating shit and not working (tired)
sheep 112,115
ducks 107,105

sheep 114,124 (HIT SHEEP)
ducks 108,109

We did a little practicing after the trial so I worked on a get out on Dually and Dare on taking his flanks when asked. Hopefully it will translate to tomorrow trial. 

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