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Monday, December 9, 2013

DAy 2

  I thought it was really early this morning when I decided to get up but it was 8am and the blackout curtains in the hotel work really well.  I don't think I slept all  that well, I am really tired tonight. 

The ice outside the motel door was very slick and I thought I was going to break my neck taking 2 dogs out the door but they had to go out.  I walked all of them and then went back into the room to pack.  I had brought a lot of stuff in because I was disorganized.  I am better tonight  but I can get even better I think. Finally somebody came and started to shovel off the walkway . 

They motel had a very nice breakfast which include hot waffles and french toast and hard boiled eggs.  It was good.  I packed up the doggies and went to the Chocolate factory tour.  Cute but the candy was a bit pricey.  I wait for sales and these were not sale prices.  I bought a 1 lb bar of chocolate for Cheryl and David.  Hope they like it.

The road was clear but you could see cars off the road everywhere from last nights storm. There was snow on the ground until almost out of VA.  More predicted tomorrow.  I only drove another 300 miles today and stopped at another LaQuinta and these people are just as nice as the first one.  The room is right near the back door so easy in and out for us. They have a bistro where I had a glass of wine and an appetizer. Gosh the food on this trip has been horrible. Hope it gets better soon.

I have about 400 miles to go tomorrow till my next stop. 

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