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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Leaving again

I'm packed and the farm sitter has everything down pat. Ha ha.  HOpefully. What she will get done besides take care of the animals is finish my bed and paint it and so I will have a bed to sleep in when I get home.  She and Ed are going to get er done.

NIce little snowstorm last night but because they finally put a gutter on my back porch, my back door didn't freeze closed.  I was able to open it easily this morning.

Kim and I took a load of construction debris to the dump which was not an easy task and then to Tractor Supply for grain.  Home again and moved all the old cabinets off the porch and Ed installed them in the barn and re organized. It made him very happy and it looks really good too.

I made a reservation at a Motel 6 for a week in Dothan for only $200 which is a really good deal.They never asked me how many dogs I had and I never told them.  Seem like nice people though.

Packed the car I am ready to leave in the am and hopefully I have enough clothes.

My plan is to stop somewhere on the way and do some sightseeing stuff. I never seem to have time to do that and I think I am leaving early enough to do something. Will try to drive at least 8 yrs tomorrow. 

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