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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A little training

 I had a lesson to give today so I went out and had Edge sort the sheep and then take 3 sheep out to the big field. I can't remember if I have ever worked him on just sheep at least not these particular sheep which could have been lighter than normal. He was a good boy and onlyone sheep went head over teakettle on the ice.  She's a bit of a uncoordinated dummy anyway.  I chose 3 ewes that I am unsure are bred.  I wanted to work him on driving and getting away from me.  He was much better in the larger area. More willing to walk up on them away from me.  Flanks are fairly non existent especially inside flanks. Outside flanks were not too bad but he cut in at the top so  I do need to let him know I don't like that much. He is very sensitive to what I want.

I also worked Dually and his inside flanks were only good when I got the command out harshly.  I need to find another way to get thru to him.  He did them but he did them much better when I sounded like I really meant it.

Then he picked up a toy and went and laid down away from my lesson and stayed there no matter what was going on or what I was saying during the lesson. It was that darn toy in his mouth. 

Bill came over with a piece of the finished countertop and it is georgeous!!!!  I was hoping I would like it but I love it.  They are going to come back next Thurs to do the whole thing. Whoooowhooo a real countertop and now I can start thinking about the backsplash area. 

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