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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Farm work and just plain work

Today, was exhausting.   I spent the morning sorting trash and moving bags outside so I could load the trailer and go to the dump. Forgot some stuff too.  I also loaded all the cardboard that was here from the delivery of the cabinets.  I still have a lot of demo stuff to go but I need help to get it there and then to get it in the dumpster at the dump.  I struggled with the adaptor to try and get the lights on the trailer to work and Icould not get it plugged in so I went with out lights.  ah well

Then while I had the trailer connected I called a local farm and went over and picked up 10 bales of 2nd cutting and 4 bales of straw. He loaded it for me but I had to unload it and I could not get the trailer close to where I wanted them to go so I had to use a wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow of course had a flat so I had to hook up the  air pump and pump it up before I could unload it and then I had to find some tarps to cover them with so they will last until I can use them in January. I bought them specifically for when  the ewes and goats lamb and kid.  Then I don't have to tear apart the round bales to feed the Moms in the barn. Thinking ahead this time.

My pellets got delivered finally so that meant I had to try to put the fence back up that I had to take down so they could drive the pellets around back.  That only involves 1  post but to get that stupid post back in I was on my hands and knees and digging out the dirt and the stones with my hands.  I finally got the post in and gave up. I will finish it tomorrow.
No dog work today, but I am considering going to Al for the trial next week.

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