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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bye Bye my little cows

The cows went home today to be raised for milk replacers so not for food.  I liked those cows. They were easy to handle and they were good with all dogs..  Only one turned out to be a bit of a kicker.  Dually knew which one it was.

So Nat brought her stock trailer up because they were not going to fit in my little  2 horse trailer. She backed it up to the   pasture and we went to get the cows without a dog. I thought it would be easier.  The cows followed me as I ran into the trailer.  They do like their grain. I got 4 in right away and I left thru the front door and slammed it which scared 2 of them back out and to the sheep hay.  We had 2 in and 4 out. Nat and I both had sticks but that wasnt' doing it for us so I went to get  a dog.  I went to get Dually but I could not keep Dare back. He ran out and ran down to the trailer as I was chasing him.  He went in the trailer and took one of the cows out before Nat could grab him and throw him out.  I finally got down there and sent him around to gather the other cows. I had to go with him to help him get 4 of  them out of a narrow area that they were eating hay in.  He brought them back and we got 2 of them in.   One went back to the hay while we were trying to get number 5 in who was giving us a hard time.  Nat and I are trying to get the little red cow in and Dare goes back to get the little Holstein.  He brings  the Holstein back and convinces her to jump in and then we work on the little red one. Nat and I are both holding a side and Dare is in the back turning her back everytime she thinks she can escape. Finally she gets close enough so that Nat pushes the door on her and she decides to jump in .  Yay   Thanks Dare and Nat.

I wish I had more opportunities like that for Dare. He loves that stuff and I think he would be really good at it. He thinks on his feet.

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