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Friday, October 25, 2013

Trip to Alabama

  Ok we are here and it was not too bad.  The first night we left Westfield and wanted  to get gas so I took a route I was unsure of and we ended up going a little bit west in the middle of nowwhere and had to turn the trailer around in a driveway and go back.   Kim is following me in her car with her dogs to Al. We drove only about 6 hrs and stopped in Pa at a campground that I stopped at last year and it has a nice dog yard so the dogs got to run a bit.  Kim stayed in the trailer with me but her dogs  stayed in the car and she said they barked  at people walking by  so she ddn't sleep really well, but I had earlplugs so I slept fine.

Then we drove to Va another 6 hrs after a late start.  About 4pm we decided to try to find a campground and we used Kim's gps because mine is out of date. I followed hers and it took be south to the next exit and turned us north which of course irritated me because if I am going south then I don't want to go north  for any reason. Soooooo, I turned around at the next exit and I lost Kim and had to wait at the entrance ramp for about 1/2 hr and then we went to the next rest stop because the running lights on the trailer were not working. I could not find a close campground so I stopped at the next ttruck stop where we spent the night.  We had spaghetti for supper and went to sleep early even though the trucks were coming in all night. The next morning  I pushed the bed in and pulled the support off and the bed fell down and I had to go find a crowbar to get it back up.  Yikes it was still dark out and there was one guy sitting in his truck so I asked him and had a crowbar which of course didn't work so I went back and asked him to help me and he did thank goodness.  On the road again to Atlanta which isn't fun driving thru with a trailer. We picked up Jan at the airport on time and continued on to Dothan (another 4 hrs).I thought we would stop at a campground but there were none so we kept going to  Dothan and met Kathy and Roger at  a Mexican restaurant.  I had just taking the dogs out to walk them and Jan asked me a question and Edge took off on the flexi and I could not catch  my balance and fell over Dare and on my knee face and arm on the pavement.   2 days later I am still hurting.

Yesterday we worked on the post advanced course and Dare and I chased goats from one end of the 10 acre field to the other. It was not pretty.   Dually and I worked the cows but we fetched the post advanced course and it went much prettier.. 

today the trial starts

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