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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Training Day 2 with Roger

Dually and I had a breakdown (not breakthru) today.  I was asking him to do an inside flank under a lot of pressure and he would not do it and he would not stop or lie down either so he was getting thumped on and then I gave up. He stopped listening and I was not in any control.  We were working on trying to get the dogs to keep a straight line to the first panel and to push then into the corner and then make the corner. The straight line was what was killing us.  And now we need to work on his stop and his down. toooo many steps or no stop at all.

Dare  was actually pretty good on these exercises and took a lot of pressure well, but we had 3 people helping me to stop him.  Does not bode well for the next trials. 

Applebees for dinner tonight . I wish I had time to get my haircut, it's a mess. maybe tomorrow. I need to get propane filled too.

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