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Monday, October 28, 2013

Training Day one with Roger

 I was the first one to work a dog and I chose Dually to work.  We did the goats in  the corner exercise and just tried to walk him up .  He kept blowing up.  It was not  a wise move on his part.  We had to get on him quite hard..  Jan had to get behind to hold him from flipping out of the pressure and Roger and I were up front creating the Y chute for him to walk up.  It seemed to go on forever.  Probably try it again tomorrow and see if he learned anything. Then we worked in the 50 by 50 and worked on keeping the goats on the fence. We had 4 people in there making lanes for him to walk in and trying to keep him from going to the fence. He really likes the fence.

Dare worked goats in the 50 by 50 and we worked on trying to get him to stay on the inside hip of the goats and keep them on the fence. He was much better than Dually at this. Then we worked on having him take them out of the corner but not by going into the corner but by hanging back a little and then turning parallel with the last goat which relieves pressure and allows the goats to walk away. Dare wanted to keep turning into them so it took a little bit to get him to turn parallel. Basically I had to hold him there. Also worked on a STEADY with him to teach hin to walk on command.  He was doing well so I have to keep that up..  He could do so much more if he would just slow down.

Later on we worked both dogs in the arena on some of the problem trial areas.  Going to the Y chute with Dually and Dare I could see where I had to slow them down more and stop them and let the stock  drift more. (yes I said drift). Also the corner panels have to be finessed more. 

Out  to dinner at the Mexican restaurant and now tv and a shower and bed.  
BTW it was 80 and beautiful today.

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