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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trial Day 3

  The cattle, goats and ducks were a little less cooperative today  and the dogs were tired and the handlers were tired too.

Dare took over on some courses without my permission of course.  If he would just do what I would say we would have had some almost perfect (if not perfect)runs.   He did win 1 1st on cattle and HIT cattle .  He was working pretty good with a smile on his face.  He had to push some very heavy ducks up to the panels and he kept at it although there were a few times that he just stood there and seemed to be questioning my judgement.

Dually was a little off his game too, but still did well. Many scores for both over 100 but not as many as yesterday.   Dually won High Combined for the weeekend and a nice little bag with some goodies in it.  Thank you SEASC.

We were done by 2 and then ate lunch and had awards and then we tried to get a sick cow up. It's not looking promising for the cow.

We fixed the running lights on the trailer(just a fuse) and the outside porch light and now I am waiting around for dinner and who knows what else. 

Tomorrow will be a training day and hopefully Edgie will get to work too. 

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