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Friday, October 25, 2013

todays trial

OMG the dogs were not good today.  Better than yesterday though.  Dually had a good goat run  but Dare had to be run off because he took hold of the goats ( I mean took control) and would not release to me.  He would not take any command whatsoever including That will do!    His cattle run didn't even get to the first panel.

Dually had a decent cattle run till the 2nd panel  and then started to overflank and we lost the stock back to the repen. These were the Post ADvanced runs.

Then we did 2 duck trials  and both dogs did very well I think (still waiting for awards).  Cattle arena trial was good  and the goat trial was not too bad either.  It's all  blur right now. Dare worked though so I am pleased about that. He did very little shit eating and Dually was very good.

Dually won Post Advanced sheep in that gave him HIT sheep. and then some other placements and lots of finals points.  Yay!!  Although I am quite sure I don't want to go to Finals and trial on sheep although Dually is doing great on all livestock. NO bites on ducks today but Dare took a good b ite but no call on him.  all Q's excdept for Dare's Post Advanced runs. 

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