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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cattle dog exercise

small pen 40 by 60.  flank the dog on a go bye and follow him to make sure he goes all the way and then step back and to the other side and ask the dog to walk up and the cows change direction automatically.  Gosh this one is hard to explain.  It's kind of like a figure 8 for the stock but you have to get in the right place to push the dog around and then meet him on the other side to make sure he walks in and doesnt' keep flanking.  I will try it again and make sure I am doing it right.  We did it this am with the cows and I flubbed it a few times and then got it right.

forgot to explain why it's a cattle dog exercise----because you often have to push the cattle dogs around so they don't fall in and follow on the wrong cow.  Of course it works for all breeds but it's great for cattle dogs and straighter dogs. 

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