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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bye bye sheepies

I had to take 5 sheep to a friends for a month this morning.  They were my lightest and craziest sheep. BB(BAD BARB) AND  Crazy legs and 3 undersized 2 yr olds that need to go to market when I get back. 

In order to use the trailer I had to locate  a plate which I did. It is not a registered plate so I put a fake yr sticker on it and smeared mud on it.  I drove the trailer into the field and told Dually to bring the sheep .  They didn't want to go right in the trailer so we waited patiently while they thought about it. Then one of the young ones stepped up along with the other 2 young ones. Crazy legs followed and BB said no way and tried to escape. Dually turned him back and he decided he should go in and we closed up the back and off we went.   I was daydreaming and went by the drive way I needed to go up so I had to back into somebody's yard and turn around but it all worked out fine. I drove up the driveway right into their new pasture and out they hopped.  Lots of grass for them to eat and hopefully they will do some weeding too. Bye bye sheepies.

Came home and fed chickens and ducks only to find that 2 of my silkies had gotten caught under one of the plastic houses and suffocated to death. Bummer, now I only have 2 chickens left.  Hopefully they are the layers.  I will get a couple more next year. 

I washed out the water tank and filled that and arranged for Mary to help me on Sunday with the incoming hay.   That's a relief, I hate to do that stuff alone.

My contractors showed up around 2;30 and worked a couple of hrs caulking windows and finishing up some siding .

My copper sink from Mexico was delivered yesterday and it's perfect and I have decided on the kitchen floor.   Things are coming together.

I asked my contractor to replace my front door while I am gone to something less leaky!

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