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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting sorta ready to leave

I had some lessons this am and Nat brought her husband Joe with her and he fixed my stupid tractor.  The 3pt hitch did not want to work , but now it works as smooth as silk!!! Thank you Joe.

Nibbler did some nice work and Nat is getting it.  Eunice was here with Rubin and Rooster and they both did some nice work. It was nice to see Rubin actually working. The last few times here he was pretty disinterested. We used some lighter sheep and just did some walkabouts and he really had to run to cover. 

Then I went to Auburn Petco to buy some id tags for the dogs.  I had them engraved with their names and tel number and they all say chipped on them too.  That was more expensive than I had anticipated but better safe than sorry especially for Dare the runaway. Now if he gets caught someone will have a clue where he belongs.

Also picked up propane for the trailer and bought some jeans at Walmart and I was going to go to Tractor supply and stock up on duck and sheep food but I ran out of energy.

Tomorrow is hay day.

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  1. I saw you are entered in our Peach State Classic. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.