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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ranch Trial

It's not a good thing when  only 1 dog and handler team complete the course. It was not me.  Dually lost the cattle into the woods but got them out beautifully and then we got them to the first pen and we  could not get them in the pen and we gave up .  Dare lost them behind the duck arena but that was better than the woods and we got them to the first pen and with a lot of manipulation we got them in.  We were the only other team today that got the cows in the pen. Then we had to sort them and I am not used to sorting cows in a small pen and we got 2 of them sorted and then decided to move on with only 5 min left. We got down to the last arena and they called time on us. Yesterday I was ready to give Dare away and today he redeemed himself.  He kept those cows together and he turned one that was running with a bite on the nose and then held ground. He also bit hocks to make them move in the pen and I was very proud of him.  He showed he can be a real cow dog. 

Dare made it all the way around the sheep course  but we didn't get a qualifying score.  I was not allowing him to work because they are sheep and I am always afraid of what he is going to do so we lost control points all over the place. Too bad because he was probably the best dog at the trial for controlling livestock. Sorry Dare.

Dually had a nice sheep run but we (as well as everybody else)had trouble with the sort and  we ran out of time . 

THe course  was nice but the gates were horrible and the sort on those gates was virtually impossible to complete in time.  The first place dog didn't get the sort so no one got it.

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