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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dually HIt ducks and HIGH COMBINED WTCH

 They both had good cattle runs this am and then ok sheep runs and then Dare got excused right away on his duck run but Dually had  a run good enough to beat Roger's run and gave him HIT ducks and HIGH COMBINED WTCH  for the weekend.  The prize is phenomenal. It is a hand made firepit with HIGH COMBINED WTCH  carved out of the metal and a cow,sheep and duck and and and aussie all carved out.  It's really nice and really big but it fits in the car between the 2 sets of crates just perfectly.

I passed on the jackpot trial they had this afternoon on F course because I am tired and the dogs are tired.  I fet them and they are all sound asleep and it's early for them.

Picking up poop today, i see that somebody has  tapeworm and I have no med with me. But at any rate it means somebody has fleas to I will have to treat for that first.

Steak dinner out tonight at 7 --Who needs money anyway?

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