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Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1 Trial Calhoun GA

76deg today. It rained last night and I thought it was going to rain all day but it got sunny breezy and just perfect.  Very very nice trial site and the people are wonderfully welcoming.

Dare and Dually had really nice cattle runs in the am trial although we were unable to pen anything all day.  Apparently I am not as good at it as  I thought I was.  The Pm cattle runs never got off the back fence. Hmmm need some ranker cattle to work I think.

The am duck runs were pretty good and the PM runs were 1/2good . Dually had a good run and Dare could not get them off the back fence.

The sheep runs went waayyyyy better than I had anticipated. The dogs were both being very very obedient.  Dare tried everytime to go away when I sent him for the gather, so that  was 4 runs that way. Not sure why. Dually had not trouble doing a go bye.

A couple of times I had the sheep in the free standing pen (in it) and could not get the gate closed before either the dog blew them out or I guess there is no or.

The trial site is really close so I am writing this while they finish trial 2 and then I am going back for awards(of which I have my doubts) and dinner.

Dually got HIT ducks with 116  --Don't remember that run being that good but ok.   We won a really nice decorated collar for HIT and for being High in ducks another cute collar.

I was very  pleased that both dogs worked at this location as if they had been here before. There was no 1 day adjustment period.  Dare normally works tentatively at a new loc with sometimes a deer in the headlights look but he was good.

Dinner was hot dogs cole slaw and chips.  We were hungry and it tasted good.

Also  really good to reconnect with one of my Blog readers Donna. Good to see you again and great job on the trial!

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  1. I thought your dogs ran great. I hope you can join us next year, too.