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Monday, November 11, 2013

I need a better GPS

I left the campground at 8am and made good time today. The  speed limit is 70 and there was no wind so it was easy with the camper.   I'm sorry to be leaving all my trialing friends, Chuck, Joe,Kim, Mary,Art and Carol and all my new friends too.  It was a good time and I am looking forward to the next time.  

 I am in Va and I drove 500 miles today.  It took about 40 min longer than it needed to because when I got off the exit for the KOA, the gps put me back on the highway and took me to another supposed KOA that was not open for the season.  So I drove back south which is against my nature when I am going north , but I had to have a campground for tonight.  No heat would mean no sleep which would not be good for all the other drivers on the road tomorrow. 

I finally got back to the KOA that I am staying at and it has a nice big fenced in dog park but It's dark and cold out there so they didn't get to use if very much.

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