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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Day Home

 Awake and up at 6am but still very tired.  Fought with the damn pellet stove all day.  The electric controller was acting up and I had to turn it off cool it down and start it up a number of times.  It's too darn cold out the be doing that.

Did I mention how huge the kitchen has become since they moved the counter and sink to where it's going to be?  It looks fabulous!!

The dogs are glad to be home. Dually and Edge ran and ran and ran out in the arena this am.  I like being able to put them outside in a fenced in area. 

I took the trailer to the RV place this am on gas fumes.  I coasted part of the way to the gas station just in case it decided to die.  It didn't and I made it to Rutland.  I had to winterize the trailer while I was there in case they had to leave it outside.  They were going to charge me $80 to do it so I bought to bottles of antifreeze and did it myself for $11.   They called a while ago to say it was ready but I didn't talk to them so I don't yet know what was wrong with it.  I am going to get it tomorrow and maybe look at some new trailers.  New is better right?

So from there I called the car repair place and made an appt for 1:30 to get the car inspection sticker which had expired and an oil change and a tail light fixed.  They were quick too and I was done in less than an hr. While I was there I asked them to look for a van for me because I think it might be better than the Suburban in terms of carrying dogs with me..

Now dinner at my sister and Bil's cottage and home to bed early.  I needed a nap this afternoon but didnt' get one.