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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Russian Roulette

I got on the road at 6 am because I wasn't sleeping so might as well be driving.  I left from Va and made it home by 4:30.  I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

So those of you that have traveled on rt 81 and rt 84 in Pa NY and Ct know what I am talking about. Every few miles you see I sign about Deer jumping across the road and it says they might jump anytime between now and 9 miles or now and 13 miles or now and 2 miles. You are constantly looking for deer to commit hari kari and it's a game of Russian Roulette because if they dont' run in front of your car they will run in front of somebody's.  I got lucky again and hit nothing.  I never even saw a deer which is also good because that would have freaked me out too.  I saw plenty of dead deer so somebody lost, but hopefully only the deer ended up all over the road.

I could not get the trailer all the way into it's parking spot because it got dark too quickly so it's at the bottom of the driveway and it's colder than hell out tonight so I had to pull the electric cord out and hook up the power so I could leave the heater on in there. Of course the new exterior outlet would not work so I had to go get another extension cord and plug it into the outlet off the porch.  I am so tired I can barely see and this stuff is not helping.

I see they did a lot of work in the kitchen and moved the sink temporarily so that I would have use of it until my new stuff came in. I promptly turned on the water and nothing. Now why would they do all that work and leave me unplumbed?  Turns out , they just didn't turn the water on under the sink.  I am too tired to have to think about these things. And then the pup came in and marked.  What's up with that. Everybody is trying to aggravate me.  And who the hell turned the heat on in my house and left it on?  I made sure everything was off when I left . Bed now, enough bitching.

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