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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dually HIT ducks again today but only in one trial

They were pathetic on the first trial cattle this am and then better on the 2nd trial, but I dropped the ball on the Y chute as usual. Sorry guys.  My competitive nature did not kick in.  I was in lala land.

Dare had a very hard set of ducks and could not get them up to the first panel. Dually had 2 good sets  and  2 scores over 100 ..  Sheep were as good as yesterday , but Dare could not listen to me the first go round and the 2nd go involved some sheep chasing .  Dually got some better scores.

Lunch was delicious , thanks to the club and after the trial, I chose to eat here and  do laundry and go to bed early-I"m still up though.

Steve  Shope and Jimmy Hartnagle were the judges and they were fair and dare I say it, Steve was sorta easy and Jimmy a little bit harder.  I never know what I am going to get for a score. Sometimes my runs seem all over the place and I get a high score and sometimes I have tiny bobbles and get low scores.  You'd think after all this time , I would have a clue.

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