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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kitchen Progress yes

So yesterday the kitchen started to look like a real kitchen.  Earlier this week they installed the floor which looks great and yesterday they wired the stove and microwave and put them in place and put a plug in for the fridge so it no longer is in the living room.  They plumbed the fridge for water so I have ice and water in my fridge now.. I am so excited about that.  They also wired and hung the under counter lights and moved the overhead light to the middle of the room so I actually can turn lights on when I come into the kitchen. 

Next thing to do is to put the knobs and pulls on but I am waiting for them to be delivered.  I am still vacillating on what countertop to put in. I sent away for a wood sample so I am waiting for that to be delivered too.  They can't put my sink (the piece de resistance)in until I have a countertop which will probably take a minimum of 6 more weeks and then I have to decide on a backsplash and a paint color. We are getting down to the nitty gritty now.

Of course there are still 3 built ins that they are going to make for me. One will be a broom closet next to the fridge where I have an empty space.  One will be a wonderful shallow pantry(yay) and the last one will be a window seat/dog crate area .  Can't wait for that one too. Hopefully it will allow me to remove my dog crates from my living room. 

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