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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On to the next KOA

We packed up this morning and emptied the grey and black water and moved south to another KOA only 26 miles or so.   There is not a  fenced in area for the dogs but there is a really big field.  Peaches got to play for a long time with her purple egg and then I took Dually and Edge out to play with a toy and I have to take DAre out soon. 

Kim and I are going to run over to a Western store and see what they have as well as driving to Cheryls house to see where it is .

I stopped at Cheryls and met David and he said come on over anytime and work anything.  I think we will wait and go tomorrow. Just feel like chilling right now.  I have not had time to just sit and watch tv or read at all.

I have found out that Edge is not leash broke and he is going to pull me down and drag me one of these days.  I am trying but he is not getting it. He is also a bit of a scaredy cat.  He seems to want to hide under things or go back to his crate or just be alone.   He loves people but he doesn't like just standing and talking or waiting.

I leveled my trailer for this KOA  stay . I will be here for 6 days so I think level is better.  I got the water hooked up and it's not leaking(yay). The cable is working perfectly, but I could not get on their wifi.  It's 55 and sunny and it feels pretty good.

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