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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Major Problem

Just got back from dinner out and my fridge isnt' working nor my heat nor some lights and the breaker is not tripped.  NOt good.  I have no idea what's wrong and it's late and I am tired and I have no hot water. Don't know if I want to run out and find a bath house or not.  Probably should.

Dually had a smokin day. He won the Farm trial cattle , Dare got 2nd .  He won HIT for the Farm trial on that run.   He won HIT cattle AM and PM and HIT sheep AM.  We got our first belt buckle for HIT Farm trial.   The dogs were doing stupid things this afternoon. I think everybody is exhausted and I am going to be happy to start home.


  1. Woo Hoo!!! You and the guys are on a roll! Congrats.

    1. Thank you . It was fun but I'm happy that it's over.