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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trailer is back

All those electrical problems were a loose wire on the thingamajig. Anyway they fixed it and I spent  a  couple of hours looking at new trailers.  They are nice and with a good size bumpout they are quite roomy. 

I settled in on a 26 and a 29 footer.   The 29 footer had a rear lounge with 2 swivel chairs which I really like since there really is no place comfortable to sit in a trailer usually.   The other type of trailer that I liked had an island which Dually would love  because he could hide behind it..  I think that one was considerably more expensive.

I did nothing else today besides thaw out the hoses and water the livestock.  I fell asleep in front of the tv around dinner time so who knows how late I will be up tonight but frankly I would love to go right back to sleep now.  Finally got the house warm today and I am enjoying it. I am on my last bag of pellets so I have to buy some tomorrow. My pellet company called and they aren't going to deliver until Wed . Busy week next week.

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