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Sunday, November 24, 2013


 I had the thyroid exploratory surgery on Wed am. Joan came and stayed overnight so she could take care of the dogs for me and take me to the hospital.  (a huge relief).    We went in at 7:30 and I was scheduled for 8:30 and it happened pretty close to that time.  I was in recover at 2pm and they asked me if I wanted to go home or stay  and I said let me outta here.  Joan picked me up at 5 and I was able to go home and sleep in my own bed.  I felt pretty good too.  No pain killers , just 2 tylenols.  I felt really good when I got up too.  Thursday night was a little uncomfortable  but not much.  I hear thru the grapevine, that he took out a good sized tumor from the left side of my neck.Let's hope that is the last damn surgery. 

Now I am home and itchy to go south again.  I hate hate hate this cold.  It's 18 out there right now and that is too cold for this time of year even here.

Yesterday, I went in to Auburn to look at granite in case I decide on granite for my countertop. I'm still leaning towards a wood counter.  I think I might have found the backsplash though at the granite place.  sandstone.

Today I went to the Cluster in Springfield to visit with Greg and Laura.  Good visit and I shopped too. I bought myself a Christmas present. I nice pair of gold earrings shaped like a pawprint with a diamond in the middle.  Cute.

Tonight after a dinner of leftover fish stew and a salad for which I made croutons which again came out badly, I made 2 cupcakes for dessert.  I had one with some frozen razzberries and some razzberry jam and some cream.  It was pretty good.

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