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Friday, November 8, 2013

Dare worked his little heart out today

OMG  You should have seen him work the cows on the farm trial.  He was a rock star.  They wanted to break back and he turned them and kept them moving forward. Not once did he go to the heads and turn them back (well maybe once).  The cows again did not want to go to the same pen at the ranch trial and we worked and worked and inched our way up the fenceline. He kept them moving forward and I tried to hold the side but he had to help me with that too.  He was phenomenal. He took every flank and I am so proud of him .  It was a 20 min course and the last exercise was to drive  a new set of cows back to the pasture through an alley.  I knew time was getting tight so in the alley I egged him on a bit and he blew by them and turned them back.   One started to run in the wrong direction and I sent him.  He bit and held and bit and held and then he yelped  but it was so dark I could barely see him and he went back in andbit and held but that cow was going back to the pens no matter what he did so I called him off.  The other 4 went where they were supposed to.  The judge said it was a good score. Awards in the am  after Dually gets to try it.  Only 4 dogs entered and Dare is the only one that made the course and the other 2 dogs didn't get to the pen.

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