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Monday, November 4, 2013

HIT sheep on course F

Dually laid down a really nice run on F course today. I didn't enter Dare.  I was the last one in the class because I entered this morning.  I did have the benefit of watching everybody else and I had also talked to the judge about penning the sheep on Sat when I couldn't pen them. He said fetch them in so I laid Dually down way out and walked in with the sheep and he gave me full control points.  We had a beautiful 1st panel and bobbled a little on the 2nd and missed a sheep on the 3rd and stuck the 4th > It was a nice run and good enough for 117 and  HIT .  I won another wonderful collar and a metal sculpture aussie head.  really  nice.

I entered cows too and I got 3rd place with a 62.  I guess 1st  and 2nd  place Q'd, but we sure didn't.  But we weren't alone.  It took quite a while to get Dually to stop overflanking and turning the cows back and then when we did we got to the 2nd panel and they called the 3 min warning and we lost them again to the back fence so I just repenned them.

We went out to lunch as a group after awards and said good bye  to Tony and Donna and the rest of the club members.  Great club and lovely people!!

Then we came back to the KOA and dropped off dogs and Kim and I went to the near by antique store. I found a lovely quilt I liked . Big and perfect condition and it looks handsewn. No price on it but I asked anyway and they called the booth owner and she said $42 , so I said sold and now I have it here.  It really is nice.  Off to Walmart for some stuff and back home to watch tv  and get ready to move to another KOA tomorrow. Also the next trial host called me and asked me to come over on Wed and work the ducks and the cows for them.  Okey dokey. Trial is Thurs so it will be really good to be able to work there with the ability to do some corrections. 

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