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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Train the stock day

  We went out to breakfast this am and then we went to Cheryls to work stock.  We started on the cows but it turns out there were 3 rank cows in there and they wanted them separated out before we touched them. Ok, Then on to the sheep.  We could get them up the arena ok but they did not want to go in the Ychute.  I stood out there on one side with a dog while somebody else worked their dog from the other side. It worked a little. We were able to pull some lambs out that were not going to hold up thru any runs. 

Then we went and worked the ducks .  We did it with people first.  They had not been in a chute in the middle and it was not easy getting them thru there in little groups. It was also not easy getting the ducks to work away from their buddies.  Hopefully there will be a tarp up to hide them on trial day.  I went back later and worked Dare on the whole group and then some smaller groups. Dare was being and ass today.  Gosh he can make me mad.

But he did some nice things on the cows .  They went up to sniff him and I asked him to bite and he did and he stood there. He did that a number of times but when I asked him to flank and help me in the arena he was useless.

Dually was a good boy on the cows and the sheep.  He did not stand up and bite them like Dare but he did do what I asked him to most of the time.

Tomorrow is the ranch trial on sheep and cows. Both dogs are entered.

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  1. I hope things go as well for you in this trial as they did at the Peach State Classic. Looking forward to reading about your experience.