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Sunday, January 9, 2011

ACD Trial Day 2 I

It's 34 deg out there this morning.  I didn't bring my down jacket.  I have 3 layers of long underwear , a turtleneck ,sweatshirt and jacket. Not enough... I'm going to add a fleece shirt and change my jacket and hope that helps.  I am also going to put on my rainpants.  I cant' find the heat packs that I thought I packed.

We just ran sheep and he crossed over on the outrun and I had to call him back and resend him .  We made the cone nicely and he daylighted again thru the Y chute. Back thru and a little trouble with the z but we made the pen nicely.  He got them out of the pen really well and controlled and we sent them to 4. I flanked him on an away and of course I couldn't stop him so we Practically brought them back to me but after that he would stop and we got them thru the crossdrive and they went to the repen so I was able to have him push them back to 5.  I walked over to the repen and I had a really hard time getting him to stay there and watch those  sheep which were by the Y chute.  He wanted to go in the repen and work the sheep "behind the curtain".. Finally got them to the repen.. That was today's goal.  When they handed out ribbons they told me I Q'd with a 73.  I was quite excited but the secretary made a mistake and we didn't.  I gave the ribbon back.  Oh well.

     Now It is 10:15sam and I am back at the trailer and packing it up. I have decided to travel a while tonight at least thru  Ga since there is a storm coming.  I really don't want to be stuck here in nowheresville.

     I waited all day for my stupid duck run.  I must be nuts.  We got an 82. BUT he was totally out of it.  way off contact and not working stock just flanking.   It felt really weird.  He must have been tired.


  1. Be careful driving in icy/snowy weather in the south -- anywhere south of Maryland they don't have sanders or snow removal equiptment, and people have absolutely no experience driving on slippery surfaces. It's really, really outrageously dangerous to be on the road. So take care of yourself and stick tight to a nice campground until things thaw out!

  2. Safe drive! I'm sorry to hear that you had troubles again, how did ducks go?