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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Clinic Day 3

     All the exhausting work was worth it. We pinpointed why Dare was so bad in Fla and Ga.  He isn't used to anyone being in the arena and it freaked him out.  He doesn't like someone holding sheep for him so guess what he is going to get lots of?
    We set up a duck ring or the last go round and he did a perfect outrun and stopped beautifully on the lift and then I didnt  let him have the ducks and called him back.   The next time he couldn't even do the outrun because it had just dawned on him that there were people at that end and it was toooooo scary.  He completely shut down .  He might as well have had his eyes closed on his outrun,he was that far out of it.   He did that in Fla too when Amy was holding sheep for him. 

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  1. Guess we will have to start holding sheep for each other . As always great clinic