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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dare on ducks

     I got to the barn early today,because I thought my first lesson was at 12, but it was 1pm so it gave me time to work Dare.  For the first 30 minutes he was a kamakazi pilot.  I kept my cool and just kept sending him to fetch the ducks to me.  He would overflank and then his lift was pushy so they split a lot.  Finally he settled down(got tired?) and he stopped overflanking and stopped pushing.  It was poetry in motion if only he could do that all the time, but I am going to try and not be so reactive when he does stupid stuff because I know that increases his anxiety and he gets nutty.  He has all the talent  and he has most of the training but we need to come together as a team and that hasn't happened yet.  I'm glad I have someplace to work this year, because I am planning another road trip in April to Alabama and then to Indiana.  Whoo whooo here we go again..

      There is another freaking snowstorm predicted and it looks fairly heavy.  I have to go to Maine tomorrow and I would normally leave in the am but it looks like it will be heaviest then so I will go in the afternoon and get there late.  I'm not keen about driving in the snow but it should be light by the time I leave.

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  1. Yippee for you another trip! As for Dare such is training dogs... At least you have a common goal to work towards.