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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Winter Barn

Mikey enjoying the snow
      It snowed about 23in here yesterday.  The dogs loved it of course, but Dually must have bumped into Dare on the narrow path and Dare put him in his place. No blood but lots of growling and it sounded like they were killing each other.  They ran out to the new pasture but the snow was so deep, Mikey turned back. Dually ran(bounced) all the way to the top but nobody followed him so he came back down. Too deep for me to walk much in.
     I shoveled to the barn, to the duck pens, the front walk at least twice yesteday. I even pushed snow off the hay bales so it wouldn't freeze and make it impossible to move tarps later. I only went halfway because there is so  much hay, I think it will be spring before I get to the other end. At least I won't run out of hay this year.
     The ewes do not look like they are ready to lamb, --not even close yet. It makes me wonder now who actually bred them. They should have been bred in Aug by Sparks but maybe he couldn't do the job. I want to lamb in January so I can have them weaned for the 1st clinic in Apr/May. Nothing I can do about it now.

     I went over to My sisters to let her Weim out and he had a mini seizure or something.  He started to walk funny and then he went down and couldn't move but it only lasted a few seconds and then he got up and was fine within 30 secs.  He did something similar in Dec but it lasted much longer. He's old too.
     I came home and took dogs out.  I wasn't going to work anybody but I did.  Dare made me mad, he wouldn't take his flanks.  When the snow is this deep, the dogs tend to want to stay in the paths which is not conducive always to good livestock movement.  Dually did much better than Dare.  I sent him to get around and bring them.  Generally he waits until I move up with him, but I made him go without me. The first time was right up the middle, the2nd was straight at them and then around , 3rd was around and then I quit.  Dually gets in the middle and his face actually says uh oh while Dare just doesn't give a flying you know what.


  1. Eek! That is a lot of snow. We are cold here in the low 20's last night but beautiful today. I'm headed out to work some dogs now. Hope you are staying warm!

  2. Wish I had known you going to work the dogs I would have come over.