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Saturday, January 8, 2011

N Fla Trial Day one

watching and waiting

Trial arena
     I wish I had something really positive to write but...  It just wasn't that great.  We had our sheep run about 10am this morning and ran ducks at 4:30.  The campground is within spitting distance and tomorrow I will come back and rest.
     The sheep were like F'g deer!!!  Dare did do an outrun and we didnt make the cone but went straight to daylighting the Y chute. I turned them around and they went back thru and I decided to go onto the Zchute where they got stuck. We pushed them out but they wanted to come to me and I gave up on the corner and went to the pen.  They zipped around the pen and Dare ran one down and turned it and she called the run on me. Gosh I just dont' get it.   Only 4 out of 11  in that class Q'd I think.
      8 entries on ducks.  I was going to send him away to me because that is his better side even though it was a go bye course and then when I went to set up he told me he wanted to go bye so   I let him.  He did a tight outrun, but he did down at the lift and they lifted hard and fast.  We did  bobble around the cone and the entrance to the Y  but the z was good and pretty much right into the pen.  HOWEVER,   He wouldnt' let them out of the pen and I had to really get down and use hands and body  pressure to push them out and then he put them back in and getting them out the 2nd time was even worse.  Finally they got out and they boogied down to 4 and since he dives in on close flanks I decided to send him go bye and that pushed them back to me but I got him to continue the flank and he caught them before they went past the plane of the crossdrive. We got them thru the crossdrive panels to 5 and then he held them in the corner and we repenned. The repen wasn't perfect because he came in too close on the fence and I probably didn't have the damn gate open wide enough.  We got them in but not completely straight.  Anyway we ended up with and 83 and ta da 5th place.
      I didnt' enter on the cattle and I wish I had.  I think he would have done well. It's a nice site with nice shade not that we needed shade.  It was windy and cold all day and I am really glad to be back in my nice warm trailer.

      I have been told that there is a rainstorm coming thru tomorrow night into Monday and it was suggested that maybe I won't want to travel in it especially thru NCarolina which can turn to ice.  I'm going to be checking the weather. If I stay another night, I don't think it will be here--This is out in the middle of nowheresville !!!

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  1. Geez, well I'm glad that Dare did the outrun! Congrats on a pretty good duck score though! We are VERY windy here and pretty miserable here.