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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Clinic Day 2

   Had some great aha moments.   Dare needs to do outruns more with someone else holding the sheep or standing in the field. Jan kinda freaked him out  and another person didn't make him much happier.  Worked a good exercise that I had forgotten about.  Flanking him around the livestock and making him stay at a certain distance and then stopping him and asking him to walk up and flanking there or asking him to out and flanking 20 or 30  or 50 ft out and staying at the circumference.   Also walking straight up on the livestock and catching the fading quicker.  Teaching him to hold and not let him flank .  All really good work today.
     Dually was fading today and not taking his walkups so will work on that. Also not letting him overrun the ducks and to pace himself better.  He was a good boy.
        All the dogs and handlers did really well. I was very pleased with my students and their dogs.   Everybody brought food and it was goooooodd!!

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