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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Monday – I made the mistake of using the microwave and the electric heater at the same time this morning and I tripped the breaker which wouldn’t be so bad, if I knew where the breakers were.  I do now!   After I got on the road , I looked for  an RV place to stop at and they showed me where the electrical panel was and that a breaker was tripped.  He also told me that I should have the tires filled to 50lbs of air.  I happen to know that they are only at 30 uh oh—and that is probably not good for gas mileage.
     I got  to Amy Hills at 3pm and we set up the trailer and then worked dogs.   She worked Abbey, a  nice little bitch on driving and I worked Dare on his terrible cutting in on the outrun problem.  Amy has a few sheep , maybe 7  and a bunch of goats.   I worked Dare and Dually on the whole bunch.  Dare went to do his normal cutting in outrun but because they didn’t run, he ended up in the middle of them and he knew I wasn’t happy with that. The next outrun was better and more thoughtful and he got behind most of them.  5 or so didn’t want to  move and they stopped and waited for  him to make them.  He patiently stood there  until they moved and he brought them to the rest. 

     Dually fetched them nicely but when we tried to drive , he kept diving off the pressure and around them.  Tomorrow he goes on line and hopefully I won’t hurt him like I did the last time.

    No internet out here in the trailer, but I do have electicity !

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