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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trial Day one

I had  a short day of driving on Friday.  I still didn’t get here until 5pm but that worked out fine.  They offered me electric  and water  and a Place right outside the arena to park.  SWEET!
I tried and tried and tried and finally got the hot water bypasses open.  So I should have hot water, but not much seems to be coming out of the tap. Sometimes nothing comes out in the kitchen sink.  I must think about this. No hot shower for me tonight….. ahhhh not good.

 I set the alarm for 6am.  It’s still pitch dark at 6am.  I was the only fool awake it seems.  I was out walking dogs in the frickin dark.  But at least I was prepared.

The trial started around 8:30 with adv ducks.  The ducks were not behaving v ery well.    I had a plan, but alas , the ducks were not buying into it.  We had a lousy lift and fetch, missed the cone , got all the  Y chute, z chute and hold pen.  Completely missed the crossdrive and still Q’d with 72 and 3rd place.  Thank you judge Barbara!
Sheep were a bit light which shouldn’t be a problem, and then I remember which dog I have entered.  The outrun  should have been a go bye and  again he snuck behind be to go the opposite way.  And then the little bugger cut it short and had a lousy lift and actually left one sheep behind which I had to make him go back and get.  We made the cone and 2 thru the Y chute. 1 skimmed.  We made the Z chute but they were trying to break back so Dare did  what he does best-he held them.  I finally got him to release enough to get them into the hold pen.  We got them out and then he pushed them on top of me and was a holding maniac.  They wanted to break really bad and he wouldn’t hold the pressure and just let them walk.  He grabbed wool big time on one and we didn’t get excused so I sort let it go, but then he got into chase mode and I ran down the arena and downed him and excused us.  Tomorrow is another day and I think a much tougher judge.

The trial ended about 2pm and then it started to pour and it poured for hours. The dogs are wet , the trailer is wet , but I’m hoping the bed is dry.

But  I figured out the water filters on the faucets were clogged and once I got that done I took a shower and tried to take a nap before dinner.  Of course I was just drifting off to sleep and I smell this –well you know—Peaches had diarrhea in her vari  kennel(thnk goodness) So clean that up and her and walk every body again and it’s time for dinner.

I was invited to eat at the Roadhouse (you would assume restaurant right?)   No it was the renovated chicken house at the end of the road where we had a sumptuous homemade repast of ham, turkey, gravy, sweet potato casserole,green bean casserole, homemade cranberry chutney,hot biscuits  and then for dessert, ice cream and brownies and chocolate sauce or a pecan pie which was to die for good.   Claire Hamilton made the pie. MMMmmmmm good.  I met and talked to lots of very nice people and had a very good time.   Can I remember any names.  No but I will check the catalog and write them down tomorrow maybe.

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