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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Only worked dogs once today

     I goofed off this morning and did a little sightseeing.  I went back to Lowes(we went last night) and returned the thing  I got to open the hot water heater and drain it.  I bought a whole ratchet set tonight.  Hopefully one of them will fit. But I need to pick up another gal of antifreeze on my way home. I am almost out of dog food too and we tried to find some tonight but none available.
     So we went to dinner and then we played a neat and fast moving group solitaire game.  I lost but it was still fun.  Amy and her Mom beat the pants off me. 
     I got some good pics of the dogs today.  I will post some soon.
     We are going to work the dogs in the morning one more time before I leave tomorrow.  I plan to leave around noonish.  Dare worked today but we worked him in the smaller area and he was doing some thinking, but we shall see if any of it will carry over to the trial.  No camping on the trial site so I guess I will be at a campground for the weekend. I hope they have wifi.

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