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Friday, January 28, 2011

Day one Jan Wesen Winter clinic

    Why is it the cold exhausts me so much?  I can barely see straight tonight.  I got up at 6 to make breakfast for Jan and feed the animals and make sure they were ready to take over to the arena.  Nat called to say she was on her way, but I needed to get over there and set up so I left Kathy and my camper guest to help Nat load sheep. I took Jan, the dogs and the ducks. 
      We still had to set up pens for the livestock and create a divider across the arena to work in. Bob H was there to park the cars and help me along with Cindy,Laura, etc.   We set up the enclosed stall to heat and of course had trouble with the heater which turned out was the electrical plug not the heater which has of course another story about returning heaters that really aren't broken.  Then the we kept tripping the breaker in the tack room where the coffee pot was and 2 crockpots and another heater.  Got that straightened out sort of and on to the next issue.  Can't remember what that was.  In between dogs, the owner had to take horses out thru the middle of the arena and feed and water them in the middle of the day.  Not too much of a big deal. 
     Lunch was good. Everybody brought something and the food was good and plenty of it. Thanks.
Hopefully enough left for the rest of the weekend. (we'll be fine). 
    The dogs all did well I thought and we started a couple of new ones.  One dynamite sheltie and an 8 wk old pup on ducks.  The ducks held up well except for one bite and I am not sure if Dually did it or the dog before him.  The duck will live ..

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