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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Storm coming

    We can't seem to get away from the snow this winter. We has 4-5in this morning and another 6 coming tomorrow.  I baked and angel food cake from scratch for my sister's birthday today and we were supposed to get together tonight , but she isn't feeling well so it got  canceled.  I may have a great deal of cake to eat..
     The first winter Jan Wesen clinic starts on Friday and I am tying up loose ends today.  I called to get the porta potti delivered tomorrow before the storm. I emailed my insurance company to get the address of the arena on the liability policy.  I pulled the cooler out of the cellar and cleaned it.  Soda was on sale at the grocery store so I picked up 4 12 packs.  yay....  Gotta go check plates and utensils and get the coffee pot out . Hmmm what else.  Heater for the viewing area and plastic to enclose it. Kathy and I are going to the arena tomorrow to set up and see what we will need for the livestock when we bring it up.
      I'm just about out of grain so I need to go buy some tomorrow along with propane for the camper.  One of the clinic participants is going to stay in the camper.  I'd like her to not freeze to death.
     The dogs are bored. The snow is too deep to walk in for me. They can hop but I hate to struggle thru it so I haven't been going out with them.  It's really funny to me how the dogs act when I get home from somewhere else.  Dare is usually really grouchy. Growling at the other dogs much more than normal and then the next day he is fine.  I guess it's just Dare that gets weird.  It's almost as if they have to reestablish pack hierarchy.  He only does it when we travel and come home even if all the dogs go. 
    Dually jumped on the hassock this afternoon to get petted and when he did that, Dare started to come over and Dually went kinda ballistic for him. Lots of deep meaningful growls and I know they meant something because Dare started to come for him. I hate that stuff.  Dare is usually fine but he does think he owns me and although any dog can come up to me, he is right behind them usually.

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