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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mouse alarm

    4:30 am  they started on the blocks of poison in the crawl space. gnaw,gnaw gnaw scrabble scratch yech. They could go to the  mouse trap but nooo , they wanted me awake.  I tried earplugs but I could hear them right thru them.  So an hour later I moved down to the couch where I could not hear them.  Fell asleep but Mikey decided he wanted to eat and at age 13 he is kinda demanding. He kept going in and out of the kitchen as I tried to ignore him. He would not be ignored. He decided to tip over the trash and then I had to get up.
       Okay 6 in of snow and still falling.  I got dressed and went out to feed.  The sheep are so happy with their hay they are almost never hungry anymore.  They came in and ate, but I almost feel they are doing me a favor.  I shoveled the back porch, out to the barn, in front of the barn, in back of the barn , to the camper, to the duck pen , to the driveway and the front walk and stairs.  When I was done, it looked like I hadn't done anything because the snow is still coming down. I will have to do it again today before I leave

     AS I was coming in from shoveling off the hay bales, I smelled something burning by the tank heater.  It looks like it was melting an adaptor that I had the heater connected to the cord with. I removed the adaptor and then the cord ending looked funny so I replaced the whole thing with another cord. Everything is an ordeal because the cord that I needed to use was under the snow and half in the barn and half out.  I dug it out and pulled it out of the barn thru a door that doesn't open (frozen shut) and then I decided not to use it anyway and used two other shorter cords which of course was all tangled up.  Everything is all untangled and hung up now and hopefully the tank heater is now safe.

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  1. Tank heater is working great. Everything is fine.Wish I was in Main with you guys.