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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trial Day Two

     I slept in till 7 today which by the way is still o pitch dark.  I think the trial started on time.  The judge today was Kathy  Walker.   She was very nice on ducks, sheep was another story. So Dare did an decent outrun lift and the fetch was off line, I had trouble getting them around the cone  because I had one duck that wanted to  be by himself and let and went back to the repen area.  I had to leave the ducks up the other end and go back and get him and he proved to be a problem later too.  And then when I should have skimmed the Y chute , I daylighted and put them thru it. I think I was still working on the cone and realized too late that I was on the Y chute.   I got them thru the z with independent duck trying to backtrack the whole way and finally I got 4 into the hold pen and mr I was still trying to back track so while Dare was working the one, the other 4 kept coming out of the hold pen.  Finally I get them all in and we Hold them .  I  take them out and they actually did a nice set up for the cross drive but then blew by it and I skimmed 5 and called it a day.
    I didn't think we could Q but we did with another 3rd place and his ADV duck title. 

Sheep on the other hand.    Since he went around behind me yesterday on the outrun, I decided to stand in front of him and send him. He tried it again, but I blocked him and he went but he started to go straight in so I tried to stop him and out him.  It got him all confused and he started circling. Finally I got to redirect him and he was doing a beautiful wide outrun, but he didn't get behind them and then he couldn't get them to me and the judge called our run.  She didn't give us much of a chance,but we were the 3rd dog in a row that I couldn't see a reason to call the run on.  The 2 before me were much furthur along and it was a puzzle.  To me and to them.
     So I waited till the end and I Thanked Doyle and Claire Ivey for their hospitality. Doyle invited me down again and said to come a few days early so we could work stock. He liked Dare.  Thanks I will come back.

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