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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


     I worked both dogs this am.  Dually got worked on a pinch and a long line.  He kept running into the end of the line, but by the time I worked him tonight he didn't think that was such a good idea anymore.  He did a couple of drop dean georgous outruns. He kept getting wider and wider on his own.  I like it a lot!!
     Dare was stupid this am but this afternoon he was a good boy. I got a wicked good outrun on him but not from my side... I had to walk a bit towards the sheep, but still I was happy with it.  Tomorrow we are going to fool around a bit with whistles and maybe I will do some shedding.  It's so easy to set up because the sheep and the goats separate naturally. 
    I took a trip into town today too and went to a used book store and picked up a couple of books.  I didn't bring any with me , and I have had a little time to read in the past couple of days. I have books on tape for the ride home.

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