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Friday, January 14, 2011

Working ducks

Well with almost 2 ft of snow there is not much work to be done outside so we went into the barn. I brought up 2 ducks and I think Mikey nailed one as I was walking to the barn with them in my hands.  Either that or Dually did when he went in to work. There was quite a bit of blood, but as Dad used to say, "It's a long way from their heart".
    So Kathy's pup Tru worked first. She was quite interested, but wanted to hold more than move them. But she showed sustained interest and  can't wait to see what she does the next time on ducks.
    Then I worked Dually. The first thing he did was to dive in and jump them.  He got soundly smacked over the head for that and then he was fine.  We worked on flanks with no body language and I did a little correcting on his down. He likes to take a few steps and I don't like that. It immediately got better. He is very sensible.
    Kathy worked Ben next. I had her work him also on flanking with no body language.  And his stop is slipping and she is going to  have to  get after him.  She also worked his walk up which interestingly enough was better when he was on Kathy's left side as opposed to her right.  He would whine and carryon if she asked him to walk up on her right.

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  1. Not that I know much but maybe not bad for four months old and I can't wait to see what she does next time. Ben oh Ben just when I think he has his stop he starts taking extra steps. But had a good time and glad your home till next time.......