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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday night on the road and Monday travel

I got right on the road at 4pm ish and I drove until 11pm.  I stopped for the night in Fayetteville at a rest stop on 95 where they say no overnight parking.  Hmmm..  I was the only trailer there but there were a lot of truckers on the other side.  I turned the heat on and walked the dogs. When I came in, the heat shut off.  It wasn't up to temp yet so I was going WTF.  I turned it higher and it came on and then went off again.  It was a little confusing because the battery was working--water pump was fine.hot water heater was on too  and frig so I figured gas must be okay.  But I went outside and switched tanks anyway and that did the trick, the heat came back on.   I actually took a hot shower before I went to bed.  I had  a bit of trouble getting to sleep probably because the dogs didn't think it was a good place to be staying. I should have listened.     I finally fell asleep and at 2 am somebody was pounding on my door. I thought maybe cops since it clearly stated no overnight camping, but I said who is it and it was some woman begging for money for gas.  I turned her down without opening the door and within 2min the cops were there checking her out.  I didn't call them but someone must have. Maybe she was hitting up the sleepy truckers too. Needless to say , it took  a while before I could sleep again.
     I woke up at 7am and soon after the battery died and I had to get a move on or freeze to death.  It snowed there last night and the road were not very good. In 45min I was out of the snow and clear sailing.  I drove to DC and here I am in a very nice$$$ campground, but they did have a place for the dogs to run so they are happy. I have the gas heat and the electric heater on and I wont' be cold tonight!
     It was suggested that to avoid the traffic I leave at 5am or 10am.  I have to winterize the trailer so I think I will leave at 10am.  5am might put me on the NJ turnpike with all the morning commuters. Hopefully this will work out.  I am looking forward to a long hot shower in the bathhouse tonight

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  1. Glad you are ok. I was wondering where the heck you were